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This month we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Clearblue, making it possible for blind and low-vision users to call the Clearblue Careline through Specialized Help, for assistance reading the results of their pregnancy and fertility tests. We’re also happy to launch The Be My Eyes Podcast. Tune in every other Tuesday to hear stories that go beyond the Be My Eyes Community. Last but not least, you can get a look behind the scenes at the Google Disability Support team with Lisa. Enjoy the read!

News & Updates

Clearblue pregnancy test displaying the result 'pregnant'. At the top of the image is the logo of Clearblue.

NEW: Clearblue now offers support with pregnancy and fertility tests through Be My Eyes

Being in control of your own body and the information about it is an important issue for most people, but it’s something that has been out of reach for many blind and low-vision women and couples when taking a pregnancy or fertility test. Be My Eyes and Clearblue are joining forces to give them back control.

Photo of Cathy Kudlick, who is the guest in the first episode of The Be My Eyes Podcast.

NEW: Introducing The Be My Eyes Podcast

Our new show explores blindness, sight and the sometimes blurry in-between. The first two episodes are available for you to listen to on your favorite podcast app now! Listen to The Be My Eyes Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

Featured Story of the Month

Listen to Lisa’s story on YouTube.

Lisa’s Story: From Texas to India - When You “Call Google”, Who Answers?

Lisa and her colleagues at the Google Disability Support team answer Be My Eyes calls every workday, supporting users of assistive technology with questions about accessibility within Google products.

Read Lisa’s story

What People are Saying

“Knowing that I could just grab my phone and make a call, and have these people help me do something that I just really wanted to do was one of the most exciting and freeing experiences that I’ve had with accessibility in general.”

– Tatum, low-vision user from USA

“I’m using the Be My Eyes app, and it’s helping me a lot to do many daily tasks that I had difficulties with before, such as identifying labels, finding products at the supermarket and other stores and checking the change. Be My Eyes gives me more self-confidence.”

– Leonardo, blind user from Brazil

“The call that I got most recently was helping a woman pick out a suit for a church event. I really love style, so it was cool to make that little connection with her.”

– Anna, volunteer from USA

Be My Eyes Loves

Amit Patel smiling and posing for the camera with guide dog Kika. Kika is looking hungrily at a big ice cream in her handler’s hand.

Dr. Amit Patel - Blind Dad

On his Twitter profile, Amit Patel shares his life as a blind Father, Londoner, Motivational Speaker, Diversity and Accessibility Consultant, and Disability Advocate. Many situations from his daily life navigating around London are documented from a camera strapped to his faithful traveling companion, guide dog Kika (who also happens to be quite the Twitter celebrity). Make sure to follow both Amit Patel - @BlindDad_Uk and guide dog Kika - @Kika_GuideDog on Twitter to see what they’re up to!

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