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Welcome back to another month at Be My Eyes. This month we’re bringing you the news about the newest Specialized Help partner company; Pantene. You can also get some ideas for ways to use Be My Eyes as a tool in your creative pursuits both in the Getting Creative article and in our Community Story about Jennifer. Enjoy the read!

News & Updates

Pantene logo on a light pink background with the text ‘Now available on Be My Eyes!’ and Pantene’s Rose Water conditioner.

NEW: Pantene Partners with Be My Eyes to Provide Accessible Haircare Support

Blind and low-vision users in the United States can now connect with the Pantene team through Be My Eyes for support with Pantene products, info about ingredients and general hair care advice.

Woman painting a mug made out of ceramics.

Getting Creative with Be My Eyes

From taking up a new instrument or doing that DIY project you’ve wanted to do for so long, there are plenty of ways to get creative with the support of the Be My Eyes volunteers.

Featured Story of the Month

Listen to Jennifer’s Story on YouTube.

Jennifer’s Story: From Graphic Artist to Jewelry Designer

When Jennifer lost her sight, she had to find a new creative outlet. Her interest fell on jewelry-making, which is now her passion and one of her greatest joys.

Read Jennifer’s story

What People are Saying

“Be My Eyes is really impacting my independence greatly. I will not stop using Be My Eyes, because it’s part of me, it’s part of my independence.”

– Krissy, blind user from Philippines

“Everyone, who have decided to be a Be My Eyes volunteer, are willing to help out in any way they can. That’s just something that you know, and you can definitely feel when you call somebody, you don’t feel like you’re asking a huge favor or that somebody’s condescending to help you. You feel like they really do want to help you, and that’s pretty great.”

– Wenwei, blind user from USA

Be My Eyes Loves

Two vision impaired kids building a LEGO helicopter while listening to the audio instructions.

LEGO’s audio and braille instructions

Children learn a lot through play, and by building with LEGO’s they can acquire invaluable skills of creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. Being a very tactile toy, LEGO’s are a great way for blind children to learn about the world around them and be able to feel a brick model of what they can’t see. It has now become much easier for blind children to build the LEGO sets from scratch. LEGO has launched a pilot program introducing audio and braille building instructions, so vision impaired children are able to build following the building instructions alongside their sighted friends. Audio and braille building instructions are now available for 4 LEGO building sets with more to come, allowing blind and low-vision children to experience the joy of building.

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The Be My Eyes Team.

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