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We’re glad to have you back! This month, we’ve hit a major milestone; more than 3 million people have signed up to volunteer. A big thank you to all our volunteers - you guys make the app go round. Earlier this month, we did podcast episodes with blind artist Emilie Gossiaux and Hollywood blindness consultant Joe Strechay who is producing a new show for Apple TV called “See.” All this talk about art accessibility, we also put together a little list of 10 accessible art and museum experiences from around the world in the hopes that it will encourage you to visit your local museum or art gallery. In the featured story of the month, you can meet Lizzie and David, who are almost neighbors, but didn’t meet until they connected on Be My Eyes. Enjoy the read!

News & Updates

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A Big Thank You to Our 3 Million Volunteers!

For the first time, Be My Eyes users in the United States can call another blind person on the app, with expert assistance. If you’d like to see blindness resources in your region, get on social media and let us know.

Hand touching a sculpture of ancient Greek man.

10 Accessible Art and Museum Experiences for People who are Blind or have Low Vision

Most people think of art and museums as something very visual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it as a blind or low-vision individual. We have collected 10 museums and initiatives from around the world that are making the experience accessible for people who are blind or have low vision.

Featured Story of the Month

Watch Lizzie & David’s Story on YouTube.

Lizzie & David’s Story: A Friendship that Began on Be My Eyes

When David was preparing to evacuate his home, he made a Be My Eyes call to help him get packed. It might have been faith that connected him to Lizzie, who lived just half a mile away.

Read or listen to Lizzie & David’s Story

The Be My Eyes Podcast

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Latest episodes:

19 NOV 2019

Hollywood’s Go-to Blindness Consultant Has a Big New Show - Featuring Joe Strechay, Hollywood Blindness Consultant

Joe Strachay joins Will on the Be My Eyes Podcast to discuss his new series “See” and how he made his way to Hollywood.

5 NOV 2019

Can Blind Artist Compete with Those Who Can See? - Featuring Emilie Gossiaux, blind artist

Blind sculptor, painter and visual artist Emilie Gossiaux discusses museum accessibility, life as a blind artist, and how blind people experience art on this episode of the Be My Eyes Podcast.

Listen on

Be My Eyes Loves

Watch “BLIND AND PREGNANT!? Can I Even Read a Pregnancy Test with No Vision?” on YouTube.

Blind YouTuber and Broadcaster Lucy Edwards

Whether you’re sighted and want to learn more about life as a blind individual, or you have a vision impairment and are looking for tips and life hacks, you can find it on Lucy Edwards’ YouTube channel, where she lets you in on her everyday life as a young blind woman. In her videos, she touches upon subjects from disability matters to beauty, and she gained popularity with her “Blind Girl Does Her Own Makeup” video. Recently, she showed how blind women take a pregnancy test by calling the Clearblue Careline through Be My Eyes. We absolutely love Lucy’s spin on things, and there are plenty of videos to dive into on a rainy day!

What People are Saying

“The small moments, like having a cup of tea might not mean anything to other people, but it’s my little treasure at the end of the day. Everybody has a different special moment, and Be My Eyes gives me that moment.”

– Yuki, Japanese blind user living in USA

“You’re just happy to help, and Be My Eyes makes you feel really great.”

– Anneke, Volunteer from Belgium

“With Be My Eyes, you talk to a real person who can help you with something. That’s what made me a patron of Be My Eyes. That's what sets it apart from other apps.”

– Krissy, Blind user from the Philippines

That’s all we had for you this time. Remember to tune in again in December for all the latest news. In the meantime, you can stay up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time!
The Be My Eyes Team.

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