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It’s time for the last check-in of 2019. It’s been a truly amazing year, and you can read all about it in this last newsletter edition. You can also read about Google’s extended opening hours on Be My Eyes and what that means for you. In the featured story of the month, you can meet “Inspiring Ilango,” a local celebrity and motivational speaker from India, who loves to talk about Be My Eyes. Last but not least, we’ve released two new podcast episodes for you this month. Enjoy the read and listen!

News & Updates

Google's profile on Be My Eyes Specialized Help along with the text: ‘Google extended opening hours’.

Google Extends their Opening Hours on Be My Eyes

Starting December 5th, Google is extending their opening hours on Be My Eyes, to make the service more accessible for all users globally.

Four wooden blocks displaying the number 2019. A hand is turning the last two blocks so they say 2020 instead.

2019 Wrap-up

2019 is coming to an end. For Be My Eyes it has been a year of amazing new partnerships and a growing community. Come along as we take you through the highlights of 2019 and look forward to an incredible 2020!

The Be My Eyes Podcast

Photo of Lucy Edwards, guest on the Be My Eyes Podcast episode 12.

17 Dec 2019

Blind Girls Can Do Their Own Makeup - Featuring Lucy Edwards, Youtuber, Journalist and Presenter.

Over the last five years, Lucy Edwards has become the first blind ambassador for Cover Girl, an accomplished journalist, and built up a considerable following on her YouTube channel where she talks about makeup, the beauty industry, self-care and how she finds confidence in every-day life. On December 28 and 29, Lucy will make history as BBC1’s first-ever blind presenter.

Photo of Two Blind Brothers, Bradford and Bryan Manning, guests on the Be My Eyes Podcast episode 11.

3 Dec 2019

Two Blind Brothers Running a Clothing Company - Featuring Bradford and Bryan Manning, Two Blind Brothers.

Bradford and Bryan Manning of Two Blind Brothers discuss how they started their clothing company, being blind in the fashion industry and how blindness prepares you to be a great entrepreneur.

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Featured Story of the Month

Watch Ilango’s Story on YouTube.

Inspiring Ilango’s Story: Motivational Speaker, Ambassador for the Visually Impaired, and Be My Eyes user

Inspiring Ilango’s resume is long; everything from motivational speaker to singer. He’s also a Be My Eyes user, who often includes the app in his motivational talks.

Read or listen to Ilango’s Story

Be My Eyes Loves

Watch ‘Introducing the Blind Goat - Vietnamese gastropub’ by blind chef Christine Hà on YouTube.

Blind Chef Christine Hà

Even though she has never studied cooking, Christine Hà is a culinary success. She was a contestant and winner of Master Chef season 3, being the first blind winner of the show. Since being on Master Chef, Christine has released a cookbook, Recipes from My Home kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food, appeared and judged on various cooking shows, and opened a Vietnamese gastropub in Houston, Texas, called The Blind Goat. You can follow the journey of opening The Blind Goat on her YouTube channel , along with other food inspired videos such as blind tastings, culinary travels and much more. She has also shared her perspectives in several Ted Talks. You should definitely check out what Christine is up to!

What People are Saying

“When I’m exploring new areas on my own, I’ve gained a new level of independence, because I can just ask when I approach an unknown street crossing or something similar.”

– Richard, Blind user from Germany.

“I’ve gained empathy and resilience while volunteering on Be My Eyes, which had a significant and positive impact on my job. The joy I get from helping people on this app is very rewarding, and I’ll continue to help in whatever way possible.”

– Saransh, Volunteer from India.

“Be My Eyes is very innovative. It’s like FaceTime on steroids. You can FaceTime someone who’s a friend or something, but they work or they’re busy doing things. Here was this volunteer group that was available. That was kind of shocking to me that these people would want to volunteer.”

– Jeff, Blind user from USA.

Thank you so much for being a part of an incredible 2019. Remember that you can always keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope to see you for a great 2020!

Happy New Year!
The Be My Eyes Team.

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