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March 2020
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Photo depicting a person, holding white cane. The second half of the photo depicts the text ‘200,000 blind and low-vision signups’.

NEW: 200,000 blind and low-vision individuals now get empowered through Be My Eyes

200,000 blind and low-vision people have now signed up to get visual assistance through Be My Eyes, empowering them to live the lives they choose.

Person holding a smartphone with the Be My Eyes app open.

NEW: In times of isolation, we still have shared vision

A message from our CEO.

Woman folding clothes and organizing them in baskets.

NEW: 10 Indoor Activities with Be My Eyes

Staying in ain’t so bad! Everyone’s home is slightly different, but one thing is certain: there are accessibility barriers in all of them. And now that we’re stuck inside for a while, to help you pass the time we’ve collected 10 indoor activities where a Be My Eyes volunteer can really come in handy.


The Be My Eyes Podcast

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The Be My Eyes Podcast: How are Blind Folks Dealing with the Pandemic.

26 March 2020

How are Blind Folks Dealing with the Pandemic? - Featuring Cecilie Skou Andersen, Be My Eyes Communications Officer.

In this special episode of the Be My Eyes Podcast, Will dives into how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the blind community and shares helpful resources. He also has a chat with Be My Eyes Communications Officer, Cecilie Skou Andersen, about how Be My Eyes is dealing with the current situation, and what the world can learn from Denmark during these challenging times.

The Be My Eyes Podcast: Sounds Ambitious.

10 March 2020

Sounds Ambitious - Featuring 2019 Holman Prize winners Alieu Jeiteh, Mona Minkara, and Yuma Decaux.

In this episode, Will meets the 2019 Holman Prize winners Alieu Jeiteh, Mona Minkara, and Yuma Decaux to learn how curiosity and ambition are helping them to shape their communities for the better.

13 Letters

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13 Letters: Right at Home.

19 March 2020

Right at Home - Featuring Srin Madipalli, In-home accessibility Airbnb.

Srin Madipalli joins Will and Cordelia on 13 Letters to talk about co-founding an accessibility startup and what it’s like to be acquired, his dreams at Airbnb, and the ‘accessible super city’ of the future.

13 Letters: How (Not) to Get Sued.

12 March 2020

How (Not) to Get Sued - Featuring Lainey Feingold, Disability Attorney.

Lainey Feingold has worked as an attorney in the accessibility fields for more than 25 years and has made agreements with corporations that span from Bank of America to every team in Major League Baseball. Hear her talk about her career and approach on this episode of 13 Letters.

13 Letters: The Mad Blogger.

5 March 2020

The Mad Blogger - Featuring Sheri Byrne-Haber, Head of Accessibility at VMware.

Even though her CV is long, Sheri Byrne-Haber might be best known for her accessibility blog. On this episode of 13 Letters, Sheri talks about her blog, her work for one of the world’s biggest tech companies, as well as some of her previous work.

Featured Story of the Month

Watch Bryce’s Story on YouTube.

Bryce’s Story: The Man Behind The Beautiful Lives Project and the Baltimore Orioles Braille Jerseys

Blind since birth, Bryce believes that a disability shouldn’t be in the way of living your dream. That’s why he works every day to make sure that other people with disabilities can live their dreams.

Read or listen to Bryce’s Story

What People are Saying

“Be My Eyes has been such a huge freeing thing for me, and I can’t even say enough how much more independence that’s given me in college to say: “I have this piece of homework that I don’t have an accommodation made for”, and feeling like I can just pull out my phone and make that call was such a blessing to me.”

– Tatum, low-vision user from USA.

“I felt this real sense of happiness, of achievement. I haven't cured an illness or saved a life, but maybe for a couple of minutes, I got to brighten up somebody's special day a little bit.”

– Charley, Volunteer from UK.

Thank you for tuning in for this month’s newsletter. We hope that you are able to stay positive through these challenging times and take care of yourself and others. And remember that the Be My Eyes Community will always be there.

Stay safe!
The Be My Eyes Team.

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