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Image depicting an android phone with a Google Specialized Help profile. On the left side is Google logo with the title: Now available globally on Be My Eyes!

Google is going global on Be My Eyes!

Google’s Disability Support agents are now answering your video calls – worldwide.

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We recently introduced the ability to call an accessibility expert at Google in several countries. Today we’re pleased to announce it’s available globally!

Whether it’s helping to set up a new smartwatch or assisting in navigating YouTube, the Google Disability Support team, has helped blind and low-vision Be My Eyes users in 13 selected countries with questions about assistive tools or accessibility features within Google’s products since March. Today, we’re opening it up to the whole world!

What do people use it for? They’ve fixed their Pixel phones, set up Google Homes, worked on Chromebooks, and more. They’ve used it to get a better understanding of the interfaces for YouTube, Gmail, Docs and Search. Most of all, our users now have peace of mind that if they need help with anything related to Google Accessibility – they can be connected with experts, in seconds, through Be My Eyes.

All you have to do to connect with a Google Accessibility expert is to enter the Specialized Help menu from the homepage in the Be My Eyes app (just after the volunteer button). On Google’s profile you can check out their opening hours in your local timezone, see an overview of their services and, of course, connect directly with a Google expert through a live Be My Eyes video call. Please note that Google’s services on Be My Eyes is only available in English, and opening hours vary based on timezone.

We hope that the Google Disability Support team can help you enjoy your Google products and services to the fullest!

Best regards,

Alexander Hauerslev Jensen,
CCO at Be My Eyes

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